Incredible Vegetarian Buffets

Buffets That Make Everyone Super Happy

Incredible buffet with wide range of options. Each and every item is carefully curated to delight your tastebuds. Starters, salads, main courses, gravies, desserts and much more. All prices mentioned are inclusive of taxes. Enjoy the finest vegetarian Indian buffet in Bangalore

Lunch (Monday-Friday) for Adults : 425/-
Dinner (Monday-Friday) for Adults : 499/- 
Lunch & Dinner (Monday-Friday) for Kids: 300/- 
Lunch (Saturday) for Adults :600/- 
Lunch ( Saturday) for Kids :325/-
Lunch (Monday-Friday) for Adults: 349/-
Dinner (Monday-Friday) for Aduts: 399/-
Lunch & Dinner (Monday-Friday) for Kids: 275/-
Lunch & Dinner (Saturday-Sunday) for Adults:499/-
Lunch & Dinner (Saturday-Sunday) for Kids: 299/-
Lunch & Dinner (Monday-Friday) for Adults: 499/- inclusive taxes
Lunch & Dinner (Monday-Friday) for Kids: 250/- plus tax
Lunch & Dinner (Saturday-Sunday) for Adults: 599/- inclusive taxes
Lunch & Dinner (Saturday-Sunday) for Kids: 300/- plus tax