Unmatched Dining Experiences

Insignia Group was founded in the year 2003 by entrepreneur Mr. Jia Jain with the sole idea of bringing the best authentic vegetarian Indian food on the table. With the guidance of mentor Dr. Chenraj Roychand 1947 is successfully spreading its legacy across Bangalore.

Under the Insignia umbrella, 5 restaurant outlets operate in Bangalore by the name of ‘1947 Restaurants'. The Food at 1947 is sophisticated and dramatic without overpowering the palate. 1947 has always been inclined towards the serving the best quality food and a memorable dining experience to its visitors. Our focus has always relied on the integrity of flavor allowing the food to speak for itself.

We would love to have you at our restaurants and experience the true flavors of Indian cuisine.
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We have tons of deliciousness to offer! And, we can accommodate large party groups too! 

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